Introducing Rondo

Rondo - the unique MIDI player for Mac OS X! Unlike other MIDI players Rondo has been designed to help you follow the music as it plays. Innovative features such as a vertical piano roll with horizontal live playing keyboard and visual track filtering help you focus on just a part of the melody so you can study or play along. Whether you use Rondo as a serious learning aid or just for fun, you will find its simple and uncluttered interface a delight to use yet powerful enough to get the most out of your music.

  • Piano Roll Icon

    Vertical Piano Roll = Horizontal Piano

    Just like it should be. Now you can follow the music without getting a crick in your neck.
  • PlayHead Icon

    Movable Play-Head

    Live playing keyboard located directly over the scrolling notes makes it very easy to see what notes are about to play.
  • Eye Icon

    Visual Filtering

    Visually isolate a track without affecting the audio. Focus on just a part of the melody so that you can play along.
  • Database Icon

    Library and Playlists

    Gives you instant access to your files to play and organize as you wish. Now with folders and Drag and Drop.
  • Keyboard Icon

    External Device Support

    Play your Midi files through an external device for better sound.
  • GMMidi Icon

    Display any type of MIDI Data

    The unique multi-column interface makes it easy to view any type of data.
  • Rondo MIDI File Icon

    Exporting Options

    Export whole files, selections, or individual tracks. Rename and rearrange tracks. Convert between MIDI formats 0 and 1.
  • Mac OS X Leopard Box

    Works with Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite

    Rondo works well with Apples latest operating system.

Play Along

Rondo makes an excellent practice aid for both professional and aspiring non-score reading musicians. The resizable live-playing pianos located directly over the scrolling note columns make it very easy to see what notes are about to play while the innovative visual track filter allows you to visually isolate a track without affecting the audio. Features such as looping, tempo control (down to 2%) and audio track filtering help you focus on just a part of the melody so that you can play along*.

Click here to learn more about how Rondo can help you become a better piano or keyboard player.

* Your own instrument required!


If you just enjoy listening to MIDI files you will find the simple and uncluttered interface a delight to use. Rondo has a set of intuitive controls to play, pause, fast forward and rewind your music while individual track muting allows you to switch off unwanted tracks. Other features include the ability to jump to a specific bar or section and if you have an external sound module or keyboard connected to your computer Rondo will detect and allow you to playback via that device.

Organize your Files

Rondo has a built in library with playlists and provides a convenient place to view, organize and play your MIDI files. The actual files themselves are not stored in the database or modified in any way - even when renaming them within a playlist - so you can freely organize them however you like. To help you organize your MIDI files you can now create folders to any depth and folders and playlists can be moved to other folders via drag and drop.

New in Version 3.1

  • Library Search

    The library now has a search field to help you find specific files.
  • More Exporting Options

    Exported files can now be transposed and channels can be remapped or removed.
  • Lion Compatibility

    Some components were updated to work with OS X 10.7 'Lion'.
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Rondo costs just US $20.

You can purchase a registration key through PayPal. PayPal also accepts Credit Cards if you don't have an account.



If you would like to pay with Bitcoin please email support at fracturedsoftware dot com. for a nice discount!

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After your purchase, PayPal will send you a confirmation email. We will then send you a registration code and instructions on how to unlock the software. This may take a few hours due to time differences.

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Download Icon

Rondo 3.1

Rondo will run in demo mode where random features are disabled each session.

Download (10MB — Universal Binary)